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Development-Related Postgraduate Courses (EPOS) • DAAD

Welcome to our wide range of scholarships! In addition to offers from other carefully chosen financial organizations, you can find information about our DAAD scholarship initiatives for international students and researchers here. Please remember to have a look at our relevant scholarship information.


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The DAAD supports the training of specialists from developing and newly industrialized countries through its development-oriented postgraduate study programs. The sustained growth of their nations depends heavily on locally trained experts connected to international partners. The best assurance that there will be less poverty, more excellent education, and better health for everybody rests with them. The scholarships give foreign graduates with a minimum of two years of professional experience from developing and newly industrialized nations the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate or master's degree at a state-recognized German university or, in exceptional circumstances, a doctoral degree and to earn a university qualification (Master's/Ph.D.) in Germany.

Who can apply?

Graduates with at least two years of professional experience from some countries.

What can be funded?

Individual scholarships only for German postgraduate courses

Duration of the funding

Depending on the course of study, 12 to 42 months


Payments per month ranging from 934 euros for graduates to 1,200 euros for doctorate candidates, based on academic level. Travel allowance is paid for health, accident, and personal liability insurance unless the home country or another financial source covers these costs.

Monthly rent subsidy

Monthly stipend for accompanying family members


● Candidates are expected to achieve success in a study program in Germany if they meet the essential academic standards (above-average score on the first academic exam, third-place finish, language proficiency).
● Candidates hold a bachelor's degree in a relevant field (often a four-year program).
● Candidates have a minimum of two years of industry experience.
● After receiving their training or scholarship, candidates are expected to assume social responsibility, start and support change processes in their professional and personal environments, and demonstrate that their motivation is development-related.

Annual scholarships for study abroad

Program objective: With this program, you can spend a year studying abroad and gaining global experience. You can follow your academic interests and grow personally and professionally.

Who can apply?

If you want to spend an academic year abroad while you are a student enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, or state examination program (or an equivalent), you can apply. You can still use German citizenship even if you don’t have German citizenship. Section A, Point 1, of our crucial scholarship information lists the requirements.
The course is intended for all academic fields. The DAAD has its financial aid schemes. For the division of architecture and the creative division:


Visual art/design/film

Performing Arts


What is funded?

Studying abroad at a foreign university for one year is provided with financial assistance.

The stay may also be split between a minimum of two distinct host nations and multiple host institutions within a single host nation; this should be allowed for in your study requirements. In this situation, kindly justify this in the research plan (see "Application documents").

Your study tour may involve:

● Conducting thesis research.
● Participating in thesis writing for theses.
● Taking classes at the host university.
● This program does not sponsor these writing stays and other primarily research-related stays. You may also apply (see "Duration of funding") if you are a student of medicine or pharmacy and wish to spend at least two terms abroad or six months while on your practical year (in keeping with the requirements in the relevant licensing laws for medicine or pharmacy).

Your German university may provide funding as part of the PROMOS program for a one-term study abroad. Please inquire at your university for further information.
The program does not cover pure language course stays. For some languages, the DAAD provides language course scholarships.
Please be aware that this program does not accept applications from Great Britain or the nations participating in the Erasmus+ program. Please contact your university's Erasmus+ program coordination if you intend to visit one of these nations.

Duration of funding

The scholarship is good for one academic year, with a maximum funding length of 12 months throughout that time. It is not possible to extend.
During a practical year in the department medicine is supported for at least two tertials (two four-month periods).
For at least two terms or six months, pharmacy is supported.
There is no funding for a single semester of study.
The DAAD programme HAW.International: Semester stays and dissertations for students are available to you if you only wish to spend one semester studying abroad at a HAW/FH.
The PROMOS and Erasmus+ programs both allow for shorter stays abroad. Please learn additional information about this at your German university.

Scholarship benefits

The scholarship provides the following advantages:

  • ● A monthly scholarship amount based on the country of residence: Student/graduate rates are applicable in this program. Subject to funds approved for the 2024–2025 academic year, the scholarship rates are applicable.
  • ● Travel stipend based on the country of destination
  • ● Benefits of health, accident, and private liability insurance
  • ● Additionally, you can apply for different advantages:
  • ● Subsidy for tuition fees up to a maximum: More details are available in Section D, Point 4 of our crucial scholarship information.
  • ● Subsidy for a language class (national language, language of teaching, or language of employment): additional information
  • Family advantages for accompanying partners, children, or spouses: More details are available in Section D, Point 7 of our crucial scholarship information. Grants for excursions in the host nation that are tangentially relevant to the study (please include a cost estimate and a letter of approval from the academic advisor in your application). The cost of lodging is not refundable.
    Subsidy for additional expenses incurred while traveling overseas: a third party cannot pay that if you have a disability or severe illness: additional information.

    Please be aware that the DAAD scholarship may be partially credited for services rendered by third parties. The crucial scholarship information in Section E contains explanations of this.
    Note to recipients of scholarships from the gifted financing organizations: You are not permitted to request a foreign stipend from the funding organizations if you are awarded a DAAD scholarship. The DAAD scholarship will consider any ongoing domestic advantages from financing organizations. Additional details can be found in section E, point 2 of our essential scholarship information.

RISE Worldwide - Research internships for German bachelor's students in natural sciences and engineering

Program objective: For the summer of 2024, RISE will be offering internships.Fostering a nd enhancing the worldwide mobility of bachelor’s degree holders in the natural, biological, and engineering sciences as a feature of a research internship.

Who can apply?

Computer science, medical, and pharmacy students who have finished at least the first semester of their studies at the time of application. Fully enrolled bachelor's degree students from German universities in these fields. A non-German student can also apply if enrolled in a bachelor's degree program at a German university.

Applications can be submitted online at from October 15 to November 30, 2023, for the summer of 2024.


Canada is the exception:

Through our partner company Mitacs, applications and placements are accepted from July 10 through September 21 for the summer of 2024. The DAAD and the RISE Worldwide Programme collectively give out the scholarship.

Advantages for scholarships:

The host country will establish the monthly scholarship rate.

Depending on the host country's health, accident, and private liability insurance, travel reimbursement.

The monthly DAAD scholarship rate for a particular nation or status is displayed. The scholarship rates are in effect due to scholarships for funding in the academic year 2024–2025.

How is it funded?

Funding will last for six weeks to three months, particularly during summertime between June and October.
The following internships are exceptional and are available in Canada from May to October.