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Green Biotech Research aims to use nature’s power to do ground-breaking innovation. You’ve arrived at the ideal location if you’re interested in biotechnology, science, or the wonders of nature.

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Welcome to Green Biotec's Research - Where Nature Meets Innovation. Join us in defining biotechnology's future!

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About Us

Green Biotec is a place where innovation meets passion and where quality is a tradition. We are more than simply a corporation; we are a community united by a common vision. Our adventure began with a simple yet strong notion to empower students and professionals.

Our Vision

Green Biotec envisions a world in which we want to empower students and professionals in the life sciences and biomedical industries dedicated to achieving success in their careers and changing people’s lives by providing career training programs to meet the highest industrial standards. Green Biotec, as a worldwide leader, is dedicated to creating the future by pursuing answers to tomorrow’s concerns today.We pave the road for your success through painstakingly designed short courses and cutting-edge research and development programs. We create unrivaled biotechnological standards, creating custom solutions that ensure our long-term company success.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to expanding the frontiers of knowledge at Green Biotec Research. The complex network of life on our planet holds the key to solving some of the most critical problems the world is currently facing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the skills and information you need to excel in the rapidly developing field of biotechnology through our internship and short course programs. You will receive instruction from world-renowned specialists in the subject as well as hands-on experience in our cutting-edge biotechnology research center.Green Biotec operates on a worldwide scale, bringing together unique brains in multidisciplinary teams. Our expertise is funneled via prestigious academic institute, a research and development center for industrial solutions, and a devoted service provider to our illustrious students and professionals.We play a critical role in biotech education and internships, providing revolutionary contributions that go beyond existing solutions and touch nearly every industry area. With a focus on huge data-driven research, our programs prepare students to face complex difficulties.while maintaining the highest quality, honesty, and satisfaction requirements.

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Synthesis and development of novel crop protection chemicals, polymers, performance items, or catalysts.
  2. New techniques for the production of basic chemicals, intermediates, polymers, or active compounds are being developed.
  3. Biocatalysts and biotechnological research for fine chemical production, as well as plant science study.
  4. Agronomy research and development.
  5. New analytical approaches in analytics and polymer physics are being used and developed.
  6. Industrial Biotechnology Data Sciences.
  7. Data examination
  8. Product sample production (for example, perfumes and flavors)
  9. Strain design and bioprocess development
  10. Custom-made enzyme identification and development
  11. Efficient synthesis pathways utilizing a mix of bio-, chemo-, and electro-catalysis in collaboration with our electrochemistry, batteries, and fuel cell teams

Our Featured Courses

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Our internships are an excellent chance to obtain hands-on experience in a multinational biotechnology firm while also expanding your career network. You will also be able to learn from and cooperate with some of the most brilliant brains in the area.

Bio informatics

Bioinformatics combines computer programming, big data, and biology to help scientists understand and identify patterns in biological data...

Biological Sciences

The course is designed to enable the students to work with microorganisms. The basic techniques of sterilization, culturing, isolation...

Biomedical Science

The ‘Introduction to Gas Chromatography’ On-Line Tutorial is basic introduction to the theory and practice of gas chromatographic analysis...


Techniques for DNA isolation and manipulation plays an important role in modern day biotechnology...

Data Science

The knowledge and abilities you gain in this course will qualify you for introductory-level data analyst positions...


Micro-organisms are ubiquitous in nature, and we can find them everywhere. Microbes are more phylogenetically diverse than plants or animals...


The ultra-small particles have a potential to make immense changes to the world of science. In recent material science...

Computer Science

Definition and history of AI. Types of AI and their applications. Overview of AI in the pharmaceutical industry...

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We are dedicated to expanding the frontiers of knowledge at Green Biotech Research. The complex network of life on our planet holds the key to solving some of the most critical problems the world is currently facing.

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Join us for a transformative experience, not simply an internship. Green Biotec does more than merely bridge gaps; we build bridges to your future prosperity. Take advantage of this opportunity to develop your career and be a part of something special. Green Biotec is the starting point for your quest for greatness.