About Us

About Us

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Come shape your career at Green Biotec!

Set new standards in Biotechnology.

Our Goal

As a global company,  Green Biotec is already looking for the answers to tomorrow's questions today. Our goal is to support students and professionals to achieve success in their careers. We provide career training by short courses and research & development to meet the industrial standards.  We are setting new standards with tailor-made solutions for our life sciences and biomedical customers by providing services to secure our long-term business success.

Our Mission

We work globally in interdisciplinary teams. Our knowledge and competence centers consist of three central  platforms e.g. as an academic institute, research & development for industrial solutions and provide services to our customers. Green Biotec as an academic institute offers  biotech courses/internship that plays a key role and make a crucial contribution, above and beyond existing solutions and to virtually all industry sectors. Students become experts in handling massive data driven research thanks to our unique online training and research.

Green Biotech aims to bridge the gap between laboratory research, bio-informatics analysis, and applied research. Intensive cooperation and partnerships with excellent universities, research institutes and companies provide new impetus to our research.

As a student you have the opportunity to learn more about our research and our company during an internship or your final year thesis. This experience will enable you to gain your first practical experiences in an international company. Your internship will expand your knowledge about Green Biotec Bremen, our projects and the people who work with us. During your internship you will be working on a specific research project such as:


  1. Synthesis and development of new substances for crop protection, polymers, performance products or catalysts.
  2. Development of new processes for the manufacture of base chemicals, intermediates, plastics or active substances.
  3. Biocatalysts and biotechnological research for the manufacture of fine chemicals and plant science research
  4. Research and development in agronomy.
  5. Use and development of new analytical methods in analytics and polymer physics.
  6. Data Sciences in Industrial Biotechnology.
  7. Data analysis
  8. Manufacture of product samples (e.g. fragrances and flavours)
  9. Design of strains and bioprocess development
  10. Identification and development of custom-made enzymes
  11. Efficient synthesis routes by combination of bio-, chemo- and electro-catalysis in co-operation with our electrochemistry / batteries and fuel cells teams


By completing an internship in research at Green Biotec, Bremen you will gain insights  into a globally operating company. Whilst with us you will learn from experts and lay the foundations for your professional career. You will create your own network within our interdisciplinary research community and benefit from personal mentoring by highly-skilled experts. Our experts are happy to give you an insight into their work and are always open to answer your questions.


Come shape your career at Green Biotec!

Green Biotec Bremen Germany

Green Biotec is a place where innovation meets passion and where quality is a tradition. We are more than simply a corporation; we are a community united by a common vision. Our adventure began with a simple yet strong notion to empower students and professionals.

Our Vision

Green Biotec envisions a world in which we want to empower students and professionals in the life sciences and biomedical industries dedicated to achieving success in their careers and changing people's lives by providing career training programs to meet the highest industrial standards. Green Biotec, as a worldwide leader, is dedicated to creating the future by pursuing answers to tomorrow's concerns today.We pave the road for your success through painstakingly designed short courses and cutting-edge research and development programs. We create unrivaled biotechnological standards, creating custom solutions that ensure our long-term company success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the skills and information you need to excel in the rapidly developing field of biotechnology through our internship and short course programs. You will receive instruction from world-renowned specialists in the subject as well as hands-on experience in our cutting-edge biotechnology research center.

Green Biotec operates on a worldwide scale, bringing together unique brains in multidisciplinary teams. Our expertise is funneled via prestigious academic institute, a research and development center for industrial solutions, and a devoted service provider to our illustrious students and professionals.We play a critical role in biotech education and internships, providing revolutionary contributions that go beyond existing solutions and touch nearly every industry area. With a focus on huge data-driven research, our programs prepare students to face complex difficulties.while maintaining the highest quality, honesty, and satisfaction requirements.

Our Team



Dr. Amir Hussain

Founder & Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Nasar um Minullah

Project management, digital transformation

Prof. Dr. Hammad Arshad

Antimicrobial, drug delivery, Protein expression in genes

Dr. Hussien Abuelhag

Associated Professor of Microbiology and Immunology

Muhammad Asad Ullah

Research Associate

Qurat-ul-ain Sajid


Noman Hafeez Khosa (Scientist)


Prof. Dr. Nain Tara

Assistant professor

Nayab Amjad


Kashaf Bibi


Muhammad Usman Shahid


Asad Javid


kiran fatima

Research Assistant

Abad Ali Nadeem

R&D manager

Yumna siddiqui


Martín Blasco

Chief Scientific Officer

Prof. Dr. Balqees Fatima

English Lecturer

Prof. Dr. Asma Ansari

Assistant Professor

Aftab Ahmad Chattha, Ph.D.

Stem cell biology, Regenerative medicine,

Prof. Dr. Abrar Hussain

Virology, CNS & Neurological Disorders Drug Targets, Clinical research

Prof. Dr. Azam Khan

Chairman, Crop and Food Sciences

Prof. Malik Fayaz Ferdosi

Plant Sciences

Prof. Dr. Sami Ullah Khan

Gene expression, Genetics Molecular biology, Plant stress Physiology

Dr. Waqas Ahmad (PhD)

Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical

Rehan Zafar Paracha, PhD

Associate Professor

Muhammad Sameer

IT Manager